How To Easily Reset Reset or Factory Reset HP Android All Brands

Factory reset or reset on android will cause all data and applications stored in the internal memory of mobile / tablet android will be deleted. Many ways can be done to reset the android, either through the Backup & Reset menu, pressing the secret code, or through Recovery Mode on Android.

Because of the many methods that can be done to reset your phone android so I will explain one by one so you understand it clearly. Here is how factory reset hp android that you can try yourself:
Through the Settings Menu / Settings on Android
This method can be tried if you can still access the Setting or Settings menu on android, before doing the backup should first backup data that is considered important such as photographs, videos, documents and other important files to External Memory.

To restore the factory settings the steps are as follows:

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• Enter the Settings / Settings menu
• Scroll down then search the Backup & Reset menu
• Then tap Factory data reset
• Check that is considered correct, then tap reset device.
• Wait for the reset process to finish about 3-10 minutes depending on the amount of data available on phone or tablet.
• Once completed then android will restart itself, if not please do it manually.

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The second way that can be taken is to use the secret key is * 2767 * 3855 #.
Factory Reset with Recovery Mode
This last step is the most powerful way to reset android, this way is usually done if we can not access phone/ tablet like Boot loop.
Here’s how to get into Recovery Mode to perform Wipe Data / Factory Reset on Android:

First of all make sure your battery is enough, at least 70% to avoid unwanted things.
Then turn off your phone or tablet android.
Press and Hold Volume Up + HOME + Power at the same time a few seconds.
Use Volume Up to select “Factory reset / wipe data” menu.
Then press the Home button to start the reset process.
Wait a while until the process is complete.
Then select the Reboot System Now menu again.